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The festivities will begin at 3:30pm on July 16th at 2500 W. Marina Place. Here’s a few other things you might want to know...


We will have shuttles at the venue from the bottom of the hill/entrance to the actual venue. There is parking at the bottom if needed!


While we won't be able to block off any rooms for the weekend, we would love to point you in the direction of either Airbnb or these hotels:

Hotel Monaco

Silver Cloud Lake Union

Hotel Ballard


We'll be outside, on a beautiful lawn, in the summer, so we've been instructed to use the term, "Summer Cocktail Party Attire." If it helps, the groomsmen will be wearing blue suits (and not tuxes).




We have too many to list here but tons for every level of hiker within a 45 min drive of the venue. Please reach out for recs! One of our all time favorites (Lake Serene) is shown above. 

Chihuly Garden

Maybe Kari's favorite place in Seattle. It is right next to the Space Needle and Museum of Pop Culture and is a glass museum. SO beautiful and a must not miss (trust us). You can find more info here.

Coffee Tasting

Starbucks is one of Seattle's landmark exports and the original store is in downtown. For something a little more special, we recommend the Reserve Roastery where you can get a flight of rare coffee and so much more.

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