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We asked some friends and family to send us questions we'd be forced to answer in a very public setting (on this website). Below is what they came up with...

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Beautiful Landscape

Q&A with Kari and Tom

If your relationship were an iconic 1) Disney song 2) running will they/won't they trope of a TV show 3) beloved sports film -- which song, couple, and movie would it be and why?

  1. “Go the Distance” Performed by the Greco-Roman Demigod Hercules in the Disney Film HERCULES (1997)

  2. Without a doubt, Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago from BROOKLYN 99.

  3. UNTITLED ANGEL CITY PROJECT (Summer, 2022) ~or~ AIR BUD (1997).

What’s your favorite date you’ve ever gone on?????


Tom: Impossible to pick just one. But for our most recent anniversary, Kari and I went to dinner at this café in Echo Park that has these tables inside little greenhouses, which was so fun, but after, we decided to walk for a bit to try and discover a new place to get dessert. So, we started walking back toward our apartment, totally forgot to look for a place, totally lost track of how far we’d walked, and a little over 5 miles later, talking the whole way, we were home. Hard to beat that.


Kari: OOoooOOOo we’ve gone on a lot of fun dates. Pretty much any concert we’ve been to.  In particular, The Menzingers, on one of our first dates (they played in a strip mall bar). We went and stayed at a cabin in Sequoia National Park toward the beginning of COVID and spent hours hiking through the mountains and talking and essentially reminding each other how we could do this endlessly. Countless museums, cooking classes, walks, shows, road trips, Philly and Seattle visits, weddings, holiday parties, and meals (at home and out); have yet to have a bad one. 

Tom: Hahaha if we ever find ourselves on a bad date, we just make fun of it until it becomes a good date.


What makes you happy to wake up in the morning?


Tom: The promise that Pam might be excited to go on a long walk around our neighborhood. And that Kari might be, too.


Kari: What Tom said. But also, the smoothie that Tom will undoubtedly make me every morning with coffee in it to lure me to start the day.

How are you going to handle the game days when Princeton plays Northwestern, the Eagles play the Seahawks, or the Phils play the Mariners? 


Tom: Luckily, the only true, heated rivalry in our house is Eagles/Seahawks. But that one runs deep. For those games, I’ll hide out at Jackson Greenberg’s house, Kari will trash talk my family via text, and somewhere in the world, Carson Wentz will sprain his ankle.


Kari: Go Seahawks.


Name one quirky trait you love about one another. Feel free to define quirky however your little hearts desire. 

Tom:  The way Kari drops the “L” in sleeping when she’s tired, and asks, “Is it maybe time to go seeping?”


Kari: There are MANY things that qualify here, so it is hard to pick just one. Impossible to not love watching him have full on conversations with Pam (the dog) about the Eagles' (lack of) Offense.

As writing is a major part of Tom’s life, what’s Kari’s favorite thing that Tom wrote and why?


Kari: Honestly? I can’t choose one piece. Going to cop out and say pretty much everything he’s written, but there is an incredible short story and some bits of a TV show that will be on the big screen for others to see soon, too… :) He also once texted me and told me I was “very funny” so that is also up there.


Why is your sum greater than its individual parts?


Tom: Together, we add up to one (1) fully capable driver. Meaning: I will drive us anywhere in the world, and, when we get there, Kari will take over to parallel park.

Kari: Also, we never have to worry about overordering at a restaurant. Or sending an incoherent, unproofed email. Or figuring out our taxes alone.


Do you guys plan on moving back to the east coast? 


Both: No comment at this time.


If you could travel anywhere in the world together, where would it be? 


Tom: This past summer I hurt my back and couldn’t join the Fleischauer family trip to Ireland. So my answer to this is easy.


Kari: Can’t wait to go back to Ireland together but also is everywhere an answer? 


How many hot dogs are too many hot dogs? 


Tom: There is no upper limit.


Kari: The limit does not exist.


How many drinks did you collectively consume the day you met?


Kari & Tom: See our answer to the above hot dog question.


What was the biggest surprise about first getting to know each other?


Tom: Far and away it was the fact that Kari owned a copy of MELLOW SUBMARINE by Michael Atchison. If you also own this book, text us immediately so we can start a book club.

Kari: It might've been how much food he could eat and still somehow have room for a late night bowl of cereal. Or how he could turn any song into a Creed cover.


What is your least favorite article of clothing the other person wears regularly?


Kari: Tom’s Honey Oh’s cereal t-shirt. I bought it for him, but then it shrank... it is now genuinely a bright yellow crop top with a cereal box (semi-)screen printed onto the front.


Tom: It’s my favorite shirt. And I love all of Kari’s clothes equally. Would certainly never buy her a t-shirt then one year (and a whole lot of bonding with the shirt) later tell her it might be time to get rid of it.


What are the two or three top "pet peeves" that you have about each other that you will agree to disagree on?  (Please note that I am limiting it to two or three, in other words, more than one but no more than three!!!).


Tom: This feels like a trap. Is this a trap? I have to assume this is a trap.


Kari: We’ve already covered the Oh’s shirt, right?


Tom: Have we covered excessive pun usage yet?


Who does Pam the dog like more?


Kari & Tom: Without a doubt she loves Kari’s mom, Kristin, more than anyone.


In a game of 1 on 1 basketball, how many points would Tom let Kari score?


Tom: Depends, how many points does Kari get to start the game with?


Kari: We played once before, to 10, and I got to start with 9 points. Tom won 10-9.


Tom: Yeah, that's a true story, but then a week later we swam against each other, and she didn’t even give me a head start.


Kari: I didn’t. And then I lapped him.


If you found yourselves in Squid Game, what childhood game would you want to play?


Tom: Candy Land, especially if I got to shuffle the deck……..


Kari: My childhood, especially when it comes to board games, was essentially an extended episode of Squid Game.  So my answer is any, and that I'd win Squid Game.


When did you each know you were in love?


Both: This is such a great question, and an even better place for a cliffhanger… as we’re sure you’ll hear these stories far too many times over the course of the wedding weekend, we’ll save them for then :)

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